Ionic solutions, crucial in various applications, face challenges in analysis due to the limitations of ion chromatography (IC). This has spurred interest in alternative methods like electrical field-flow fractionation (ElFFF) for effective ion isolation. This research introduces Cy-ElFFF, a variant of ElFFF, optimized for isolating inorganic ions. Through comprehensive theoretical analysis, simulations, and experimental work, an optimal channel height has been identified to maximize ion retention and separation efficiency. The research demonstrates the method’s effectiveness, particularly in the retention of inorganic ions in ElFFF. It provides insights into the distinct behaviors of cations and anions under electric fields, enhancing our understanding of ion interactions. Further, the study delves into improving the CyElFFF technique by examining the impact of variables like injection volume, ion concentration, and electric field strength on peak width, retention time, and separation resolution. The comprehensive investigation into both the theoretical and practical aspects of Cy-ElFFF ion separation provides an advancement in the field of ionic solution analysis.