The Center is focused on the understanding of fluidic systems at the micro- and nano- scale.  The Center uses both microfabrication and nanotechnology to discover and develop miniaturized microfluidic instruments capable of measuring, actuating, or separating biomedical materials, molecules, and components.  The following are current projects from our team.

  1. Microscale particle separation systems based on field flow fractionation
  2. Automated microfluidic instrument (AMI)
  3. 3D-printed lung microphysiological system
  4. Open source microfluidic design automation
  5. Cell detection
  6. Sperm separation

Older research can be found here.

The Center also has a strong interest in developing microfabrication and nanotechnology techniques and has developed methods for creating single material waveguides, assembling and fabricating microfluidic components, depositing ultrathin sensing layers, and packaging microfluidic systems.