Project: Microscale Cyclical Electrical Field Flow Fractionation

I am studying differential electrokinetic mobility based separations of nanoparticles & biomolecules using a new technique in Field Flow Fractination (FFF) called Cyclical Electrical FFF (CyElFFF). Unlike in Normal ElFFF, in CyElFFF Gouy-Chapmann double layer is disturbed using cyclical electrical field which results in improved electrical field (from 3% to 25% and more). This advantage is utilized in separating nanoparticles/biomolecules based on their electrophoretic mobilities. My research focusses on understanding and applying this method in miniaturization of CyElFFF. So far, apart from modeling, I am successful in improving fabrication and design of micro-CyElFFF and showing basic particle separation from a binary particle mixture. An optimized micro-CyElFFF system will be a good alternative technology for electrophoresis and general sample preparation methods based on separations.

Past Project: Microscale Platelet Analyzer


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