Funded by the Department of Defense, my specific research aim is to develop an electrochemical method and assay for the detection of viruses in water and food samples. This research is part of a multi-pathogen detection platform directed by the talented Dr. Himanshu Sant. We are passionate about providing innovative solutions to this highly challenging and high impact worldwide issue.

I am invested in other research that includes a microfluidic system that enables high throughput, non-destructive genotyping of live zebrafish embryos. This technology led to the successful startup company wfluidx. Other research includes a minimally invasive glaucoma surgery implant device. This device, developed with renowned doctors Bala Ambati and Alan Crandall, has now been in licensed development with promising results.

Other notable research includes an interstitial fluid collection device for chronic pain management and experience in the design and fabrication of microfluidic chips and systems across a broad range of materials and applications. I’ve held key leadership roles in collaboration and consulting for microfluidic research by groups located at the University of Utah, MAYO Clinic, Becton Dickenson, Broad Institute, UC Berkley, Harvard, and Boston University among others.
It continues to be an absolute pleasure as well as an invaluable experience to work with and be mentored by Dr. Bruce Gale.