After receiving my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in metallurgical engineering, I became fascinated with the micro-fabrication process and the design of micro-scale devices for medical therapy and analysis purpose. Microfluidic devices have feature sizes similar to those of biological cells and enable us to handle single cells and other bio-particles, which enhance our capability in the field such as molecular biology and pharmacology.
     My first project is concerning about the extraction and purification of chromosome from stem cells. Purified chromosomes are needed for the genetic analysis and chromosome transfer research. Utilizing a pinched flow device, we extract chromosomes from cell debris after chemical treatment. This method is proved to cause minimum damage to chromosomes. After that, the spiral channel device and deterministic lateral displacement device (which is a pillar matrix that promotes the separation of large chromosome molecule and loose cell debris) are utilized to purify chromosomes.

     In addition, I am working on the project of utilizing Raman spectroscopy for the inspection of sperm quality. As a non-invasive inspection approach, Raman spectroscopy provides detailed information on the internal structure of molecules without the need of labeling. This research will contribute for the selection of high quality sperm in andrology research.

Device used to extract and purify chromosomes from stem cells

Raman Spectroscopy Project