Ryan Lab WebpageI am currently working on the combined BS/MS program in mechanical engineering and have had the privilege of working in Dr Bruce Gale’s lab for the past two years. I have enjoyed working in the lab, being able to work on a variety of projects. My main current project is the development of a vascular coupling device. The goal of the project is to develop an implantable device that will reconnect blood vessels quickly and efficiently, thus saving both operating time and funds. Currently the standard practice is to suture the vessels together by hand which can be a long and tedious process. In being involved with this project, I have been privileged to work with Dr Gale in addition to Jay Agarwal (Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Utah School of Medicine), Jill Shea (Surgery Research Assistant Professor) and Himanshu Sant (Mechanical Engineering Research Assistant Professor), each of whom have shared their knowledge and experiences in helping and teaching me.
Another project that I am involved with is working with a team from our lab in the development of a high sensitivity pathogen detection system. This system is able to detect low levels of pathogens in a relatively short amount of time, which is very beneficial for water treatment, food processing, clean room, and marine sanitation industries. My role in the project is to work on automating the procedure to perform this procedure on its own.
One of the things that I most enjoy about working in Dr Gale’s lab is the opportunity that I have to learn. There are many tools and resources in the lab, as well as other students in the lab who are enjoyable to work with. Dr Gale also is good mentor and it is evident that he is an expert in his field. He provides great advise and direction, as well as creates an environment where engineering principles and ideas are easily achieved. I am grateful to be a member of Dr Gale’s lab.