Me 2016I am a  person filled with curiosity, and I believe that it is the key to being a researcher. With curiosity, I think that I can find excitement in learning and researching. Endurance has also been a key driving force to pursuing higher education and research.

Currently I am conducting a cell sorting project which requires separation of sperm from highly contaminated surgical samples. In order to separate such a small amount of sperm cells(~100ea/mL), I designed an inertial microfluidics device to generate the flow focusing of sperm by studying the flow focus of sperm like asymmetrical particles. This project also includes a study on possible effects of developed device and its protocol which includes viability study of sperm after device surface exposure. This project has been a collaborative effort with Reproductive Medicine Center/Andrology Lab of University of Utah Hospital and it has been successful working together.

I also have research experience on the machine learning algorithm (Neural Network) from my previous graduate project (MS in EE), which was designing a self-collision detection algorithm(C++) for a humanoid robot. This experience can contribute a valuable addition to microfluidic detection/diagnostics systems such as automated analysis capability using machine learning.